The River of Change

There is an important concept that many people see involving change and my father described it to me as a river of change.
If we picture the world as a river and people are in a canoe on that river, this illustration begins to unfold.
The people here may refer to an individual, a group of people, a company, or an even larger entity.

In order to move upstream and hence forward in the world, we must row by implementing changes. A very good point to note here is that change is not always good, you must actually row up stream and hence change for the better. Many people implement change and get no where (they row sideways), others change for the worse (they row backwards) and few change for the good (rowing forwards).

Now if we become comfortable with the place we are at in the world and decide to stop changing, we might think we will stay in the same place. Quite contrary however, the river of change will begin pushing you downstream causing you to start backsliding in the world.

Through this illustration, there are 3 key concepts.

  1. WE must change in order to progress in this life and the world
  2. WE must make sure that the change we make is productive change
  3. If WE stop changing, we will quickly begin losing the progress that we had


Through this analogy, I leave you with one quote that I have made it an aim in life to produce in my life.

“I walk slowly, but I never walk backwards.” Abraham Lincoln

To me, this drives home the point of making every stroke of change push you entirely forward.

I hope this eventually helps each of you develop a keen sense of direction in the rest of your lives.

Sincerely with God’s grace,

A Change of Heart

Hi everyone,

      I’ve been trying to put together this blog with some stories posted so you can see how my life connected with Team Expansion, but The Lord had some other plans. Through His plans, He has shown me something beautiful. Something I’ve understood, but until today I never fully appreciated it. I’m sure you’ll understand when you finish this post.
      Through the crazy struggles of moving to a new city, starting a new job, joining an awesome organization, trying to find people who love God and minister to those who don’t, there have been delays in getting things together. But today as I pursued the start of this blog, God opened my eyes yet again.
      Around 10 o’clock today, I was headed to a coffee shop where a potluck and music was going to happen at 12:30. I was having trouble finding the place and before I could get there, I found myself standing amidst a tragedy. There I stood, watching a house burning to the ground. A woman was wailing, a man was trying to comfort her and the firemen were trying to keep everything under control while they looked for a missing family member. It was so much, I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to pray with them, but all I could do was stand there in awe praying quietly to The Lord. I didn’t know anyone and only stopped in case I could help when it was starting. Later, as I was driving away, I was trying to piece together what had happened. I couldn’t. Thank God that to the firemen’s knowledge no one was inside.
      Eventually I made it to the coffee shop, spent some time getting to know more people, listened to their music and learned about a ministry reaching out of that coffee shop; all without getting anything done. I still haven’t done anything, but praise God that life isn’t about what we do, but what He has done through us!

      Even though I haven’t completed anything, I can praise God because He has done so much.
While the house is gone, God protected that family, somehow getting the people and animals away. He used me to raise support for BLOC ministries, build ties between long displaced friends, encourage others all while opening my eyes to see and understand that people are more important than that thing we have been trying to do.
Let us all walk in faith, trusting God with what He is doing, always praising Him for His perfect and most magnificent ways.
While my heart breaks for that family, I know that God will take care of them.
I love you all, keep pursuing Him. ^_^

Slow Beginnings

Hey everyone,

I created this blog to help every up to speed on what is going on with the mobilization efforts. With everything going on, things have been pretty slow in coming together, which you’ll understand as you see the first real post.
It’ll all come together in The Lord’s timing though.

Love you all!

-Peter Gent